Why Don't We Love These Hoes?

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But this reality doesn’t mean that we don’t find inspiration, positive engagement, political nuance, or power within the media we consume and enjoy. Within this space, we will address this specific form of antiblack/pro-Black dualism which requires intentionality, community, and decolonization. We will identify antiblackness — especially as it relates to our bodies/ sexualities/ ratchetness, the relationship to media and our interpersonal navigation, and unpack the complicated reality of loving the things that are designed to harm us.

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Saturday, April 28th

2:00 - 3:00 pm @ The Mill

From Love and Hip Hop to ‘Bodak Yellow’, Black media representation, plot devices, lyricism, and messaging has specifically focused on our ratchetness and how the world revolves around our wreckage, hypersexualization, and consumption. Media informs how we view the world and ourselves.

Antiblackness is deeply embedded within our media, which translates and perpetuates different levels of violence, body terrorism, misogyny (anti-hoeism), and internalized ideas of beauty and humanity within ourselves and our relationships.