Simeon Talley

Chief Connector & Event Producer

Hi, I’m Simeon! I love to connect with interesting people and companies. I love to build meaningful brands that make a difference in the world. And I’m passionate about seeing new ideas come to life. If you’re doing something awesome reach out, or more likely, I’ll probably be reaching out to you soon.


Haley Nelson

Event Coordinator

I’m Haley, your friendly neighborhood fat activist, here to create a meaningful experience in a space that makes you feel comfortable. I’m an Iowa Native that’s been living in the Twin Cities since 2015. When I’m not fighting clothing scarcity, coordinating events, or perfecting the perfect banana bread recipe, you can find me at your local yarn shop or craft store. Can’t wait to hear how you want to change the world!  


Natalia Araujo

Operations Manager

Hello! I’m Natalia, and I’m here to chat about what’s going on in your life. I love exploring different cultures, and want to learn how we can help your community. Reach out to say hi, send recipes, and let’s talk about how Flyover can work with you!


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