Simeon Talley

Chief Connector & Event Producer

Hi, I’m Simeon! I love to connect with interesting people and companies. I love to build meaningful brands that make a difference in the world. And I’m passionate about seeing new ideas come to life. If you’re doing something awesome reach out, or more likely, I’ll probably be reaching out to you soon.


Ian Castillo

Head of Product & Growth

Hello! I'm Ian and I’m a serial startup and community builder. I head our product and growth for Flyover. Let's make something cool happen!


Kyra Seay

Operations Director & Omni Channel Strategist

Sup? I’m Kyra. I’m a natural hair enthusiast, a storyteller, social justice warrior, and a boss. Making meaningful connections cross-culturally keeps my passions afire. When the hustle calls for a pause I replenish by diving into my Kindle, or attempting to twerk to all the latest dancehall mixes.


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