Talent Profile: She's All Fat

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In a world full of naysayers and cynics, our fight for body positivity and radical self love could be the only things keeping us afloat. April K. Quioh and Sophia Carter-Kahn, creators of She’s All Fat Podcast, have learned to embrace stigmas and have the hard conversations focused on the fat experience in a way that’s open, real, inviting, and accepting, establishing a safe online space that creates real change.

Besides being around the clock activists and doers, Sophia and April live day to day lives the same as you and me...kinda. Sophia, previously staffed at BuzzFeed and HelloGiggles, now works as a freelance writer, writing on pop culture, gender, media, history, and of course, plus size fashion. April has written for shows on Comedy Central, Netflix, and currently, the 2017 game show remake of Joker’s Wild hosted by Snoop Dogg.

She’s All Fat is the lovechild of Los Angeles based writers, April and Sophia, as a result of the positive response from Sophia’s online journey to body positivity combined with April’s vision. “We found that our conversations aren’t being heard or had in public in a lot of other places, and we love hearing other conversations about people’s experiences and identities, so we figured...we’ll share ours!”

April and Sophia are alike in many ways, but it's their differences that make what they do so impactful.

“It freaks me out how there’s a pushback on talking about race in fat-positive and plus-size spaces. It’s like people expect me to say, ‘On this day I’m fat, on this day I’m a lady, on this day I’m black.’ I’m all of those things every day. As feminists, we need to use our intersectionality muscle to talk about race. We place a great emphasis on being as intersectional as possible.”

April and Sophia have rocked the media by creating a platform for fatness and femme to collaborate and discuss politics, race, beauty, and life in a way that encourages all humans to LIVE THEIR LIVES & LOVE THEMSELVES, unapologetically and freely. #liberated.

Haven’t listened to these #bossbabes work their magic? Hear from fat activists, bloggers, writers, and the duo themselves, keeping body positivity front and center. Subscribe to the action, binge on all 22 episodes to hear more of the charismatic, comedy twosome, modifying the definition of representation and normal. She’s All Fat is the podcast you’ve been waiting for.

Still a skeptic? Or already obsessed? You’re in luck, April and Sophia are coming to a city near you! Come out for Flyover Fest, a two-day festival focused on fashion, politics, and culture on April 27 - 28 held in downtown Iowa City to engage in discussion centered on all things inclusive and what it means to create a more equitable future.

She's All Fat will record a live-taping of their podcast at Flyover Fest on April 28th, featuring the new editor-in-chief of Bitch Media, Evette Dionne. Festival passes are still available.