Talent Profile: Hannah Beachler

Hannah Beachler.jpg

Can you say #BlackGirlMagic? Goddess of style, design, and the true art of storytelling, Hannah Beachler is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry with over 14 years of experience as an art director, set decorator, and currently making history as the only black female production designer in this traditionally male-dominated field.

Beachler has leveraged her network, knowledge and mind to change the narrative around black lives and representation - to encourage young men and women of color to test the limits of our cultural consciousness. What would our culture be if we had our own agency over it?

A Centerville, Ohio native, daughter of an architect father and interior designer mother, for as long as Beachler can remember, she knew she was a natural born creative. “My thing is beauty, and no matter where you go with it, there has to be beauty in everything. It's a weird eloquence that I try to do.”

Accelerating her career with Ryan Coogler on the 2013 Sundance Film winner, Fruitvale Station, Beachler has worked as the production designer on over 20 projects, stylizing the Cubano culture in Golden Globe and Grammy award-winning Moonlight and pulling the audience into the ring with stars such as Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone in the Philadelphia grit of Creed.

Beyond the silver screen, she crafted the lush historical resonance to serve as the platform for female empowerment in Beyonce’s groundbreaking Grammy award-winning visual album, Lemonade. Most recently, Beachler brought the audience to the afrofuturistic utopia of Wakanda in Black Panther, centered around black possibility, black diversity, and black empowerment, modernizing and reclaiming black history.

As a production designer, it is Hannah’s goal to bring to life the visual narrative of a film, combining architecture, interior design, and graphic design.

Her secret?

“It all comes down to the story you want to tell. Understand how important the place is to the story, everywhere is somewhere to somebody. It dictates the daily functions of your life and the decisions you are able to make. It forms who we are, the way we tell stories, and what they are about.”

Beachler is a representation of creativity, passion, integrity, and melanin at work. You’ve experienced her vision on screens big to small, now is the time to meet the woman behind the production. Come check out Hannah at Flyover Fest on April 27 - 28, a two-day fashion, politics, and culture festival held in downtown Iowa City.

Our theme, “Dream the Future,” explores inclusivity and representation by highlighting the words and minds of doers like Hannah Beachler, who are out in their communities making it happen, despite all odds. “I personally have not felt the thing that should have stopped me because I just will not allow it to. I’ve worked really hard, and I know that I deserve [to be here].“

Hannah will be at Flyover Fest Saturday, April 28th. Festival passes are still available: