Artist Preview: Arima Ederra


Some dream through life while others float...some do both.

That’s the first thought that comes to mind when listening to the Atlanta born singer with pure African roots. She carries an evolving sound that carries a treasure cove of vibes that range from late 90’s Trip-Hop to Jhene Aiko.

Arima Ederra has a diverse cultural history inside and outside of America,  growing up in Las Vegas while having parental ties with Ethiopia; her sound is effortlessly reflective of that. You can hear the complexities of her melody that carry the many influences of her life.

Having worked with rappers such as Blu, Dizzy Wright, and involved with the Los Angeles collective Dirty Legends Media; it wasn’t surprising that her first E.P., Earth To Arima, reflected more of a Hip-Hop influence which held much potential to break out into a sound of its own. One more personal that reaches into the unconsciousness of her own emotions; hinted by the release of a single, not long after the E.P., entitled Old New School Love which focused more on her dreamy lyricism than the mellow funk of the Hip-Hop orientated instrumental.

Her latest E.P., Temporary Fixes, reflected more of a mature sound that encased more of the themes touched in the last release. Take for instance the main single, In My Garden, which is a subtle daydream of synth and imagination; her gentle croon is a warm light that slowly fills the deep space of the instrumentation. While mellow, Ederra isn’t afraid to face her emotions, in the eighth track of the E.P., Retroblame, there’s only the backspace of her vocals while she laments on emotional detachment. Obviously, there’s a level of vulnerability that lies between her music and, inevitably, her audience that makes the whole listening experience more personal and emotional as it all drifts through waves of electric warble. It’s best explained as descriptions of the many seasons of life as emotions pass by and the urge to instantly grab onto each moment for as long as possible; even if it is only temporal.

Whatever one makes of the many influences (either culturally or musically), emotions, and vibes that can be taken away from her music; Arima Ederra is definitely part of a new wave of soul that has emerged in the past eight years to break out of pop standards into a more personal space that makes a blissful soundtrack meant for the most deepest of dreams.

Arima Ederra will perform at Flyover Fest on Saturday, April 28th. Tickets are available now.