Your Style Is Your First Sentence

I am a fashion and beauty obsessed, Instagram-worshipping, professional-selfie-taking, occasionally-basic bitch. I am also gay, or rather pansexual, and fat, or rather “average” by the actual U.S. women’s standard.

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Grows to Mawu, Yoruba Moon Goddess

Do you really wanna touch it?” Monifah wails powerfully in her song Touch It (1998). Now, I know what you and many are thinking, “What might I be touching? Is there consent? We don’t really know each other…” I appreciate your sense of bounded inquisition, AND if you are a white, cis-gendered human it is likely that you have exoticized the natural hair and body of black women like myself; put our golden/brown/black/earth bodies in some hybrid progressive-is-me faux meets “I celebrate diversity” otherness.

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Disability & Fashion

My name is Bree Dunkel. I am one of 53 million adults in the United States that is living with a disability. When I was born, my belly button cord was wrapped around my neck causing me to lose oxygen to my brain. This caused me to be born with Cerebral Palsy, a neurological disorder that affected my gait my entire life.

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