Artist Preview: CHIKA


Jane Oranika (otherwise known as the internet rapper Chika) is on the come up.

In only 16 months, the multi talented artist (boasting skills in poetry and visual art), has made sharp buzz around Twitter with her short freestyles that not only take on Beyonce’s ‘’Ego’’ challenge but a rap rework of Ed Sheeran’s The Shape Of You that blew up around the internet.

The twenty year old coming from Montgomery, Alabama, has quite a good reason to boast in such skills. Last year, she released a small spoken word E.P. entitled full bloom // a poetry EP, on SoundCloud, and it quietly showcases not only her range but her confident meaning that comes off both as subtle and outspoken. Her lyrical twists are delivered with a undeniable melody that smooth around her words as they move with passion. It is nothing less but pure poetry; one that explores with an intimately delivered aspect that makes Oranika only the most vulnerable.  

Her raps are in a similar vein of intimacy; still carrying a confident swagger that isn’t afraid to switch between insecurities and witty word play. Her song covers are everything a cover should be; inspired but original and that add much more depth to its origin. Her vocals are that of experience and, along with all her other endeavors, radiates with a melody that is impossible to deny. The main thing that is evident in her small body of work is someone who’s been an artist for a very long time.

Also evident is that she, seemingly, refuses to be stuck in one genre, and once you explore her material on Youtube and SoundCloud (which is an ever growing output for her experiments and original work), that is only evident; switching between poetry, rap, and overall singing. All handled all with an sense of expertise and emotion.

The crazy thing is that Oranika has no officially released material. No record contract or even anything independently released out; she’s brand new and brimming with potential. Though she still has much to still prove as an artist, Oranika has moved past the first baby steps, and it’s pretty much anywhere from here. She might not have top notch industry production quality, the instrumentals she uses sound mainly simplistic and some of her songs could of been definitely mixed a bit better, but she definitely has something that speaks much louder; integrity.