5 Reasons to see Chika at Flyover Fest


Passion from a Young Age

Jane Oranika, otherwise known Chika, is a 21 year old rapper, singer and songwriter. A Montgomery, Alabama native and the daughter of Nigerian immigrants, Chika began singing at the age of two, learned piano at eight and guitar at the age of 11. She began writing poems when she was 12 and three years later began her singing career. Chika covers topics ranging from politics and LGBTq rights to the black experience and uses her music as a way to open up dialogue that call for a change in society.

Remix of “Shape of You”

One of Chika’s most popular works is her remix of Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You,” which went viral when she transformed it into a Pride anthem. The song was released during Pride month last year and tells a story that many in the LGBTq community understand intimately:

"Let me tell you about pride, struggle to survive. Livin' every day with your lovin' under fire. People questioning the ways that you self-identify. But who you choose to date isn't ever on your mind."

When asked where she got the idea of remixing the song, Chika responded, “I just felt it would be so cool if somebody wrote a song about, the shape of us, but us individually and being in love with the shape of ourselves. I know the LGBT community doesn’t necessarily get to love themselves all the way, because there’s so much backlash.”

The cover of the song can be found on her Soundcloud account.

Political Stance on Trump

Chika rose to internet fame in 2016 when she posted a video of her applying white makeup to her face as a response to the election of Donald Trump.The video stirred up so much dispute that Twitter ended up suspending her account. That didn’t stop her from speaking out or continuing to use her voice to make a difference.

Bringing Awareness to Social Issues

Chika uses her voice and platform to bring attention to both political and social issues - many times weaving the two together. Chika has stated, “I want to use my music to talk about social issues, so I’ll definitely do more things like this. I think it’s needed. I just want to prove that you can make a good song and still have a solid subject matter.”

Up and Coming Artist

Chika is truly a magnificent addition to the Flyover Fest lineup this year. If you’re interested in hearing more from Chika before she comes to Iowa City, take a peek at her Soundcloud. Make sure to follow Chika on Twitter and Instagram and come out to Flyover Fest on Saturday, April 28th to see her perform live at the Yacht Club with Arima Ederra!

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