Best Places to Grab a Drink in Iowa City


Sometimes you just need to unwind, and what better way to do that then with a good drink or two? There are plenty of fantastic local places that can get the job done.

We want everyone visiting Flyover Fest to have the best experience during their stay in Iowa City, so we compiled a list of  some of our favorite places to have a couple drinks with friends - or make new ones! Each of these spots boast a great ambiance, serve delicious drinks and food, and have the best people! Make sure you hit all of them during your stay.

Big Grove Brewery

Iowa City, Iowa
1.1 miles away from Downtown Iowa City

My personal favorite place in Iowa City, this brewery has it all. Featuring a first come-first serve seating style, this brewery not only has great drinks but some of the best food in town. The walk-up food window is a great experience with no service needed; just order your food and pick it up when it's done!

Big Grove has a massive indoor eating area and an ultra cool  outdoor patio and lawn, where you can play bocce ball and bags or just enjoy a drink in the sun. (weather permitting). The beers they have  on tap are worth the trip to Iowa City alone, but the atmosphere will have you coming back.

Bread Garden Market

Downtown Iowa City, Iowa

Three words: Kombucha on tap. That alone can sell this place. For any Kombucha lover, Bread Garden Market a must go - this shit is seriously amazing! Not only do they have 6 flavors of Kombucha on tap, they have just about every bottle of Kombucha you could imagine.

Bread Garden Market is truly the new wave of grocery stores, one you  have to see for yourself. In addition to all the Kombucha you can imagine, they also have a cafe, salad bar and food kiosks. Just order your food and grab your drink, and you're in the newest area of food technology. Forreal, this is a top tier place.

30hop Bar and Grill

Coralville, IA
3 miles away from Downtown Iowa City

One of the coolest places in town, 30hop is one of the best. It features some of the best beers, food, cocktails, and let’s not forget the outdoor patio. That's right, a goddamn outdoor patio. It doesn't get better than this.

30hop is about 3 miles away from the center of the festival, but could serve as the perfect  getaway for a couple of hours. Whether you’re looking for a craft beer, a delicious cocktail or a glass of wine, 30hop is the place to be.