The New Flyover

Welcome to the new Flyover, an event and content platform aiming to make fashion, politics and culture more inclusive and representative. We are a Midwest-based company (shoutout to the all our “flyover” states) whose mission is to amplify the stories of underrepresented and marginalized groups and support the “radical” idea that any barriers between self-worth, self-love, and empowerment should be torn down.

If this is your first interaction with us, you may be wondering why we’re the “New” Flyover; if you’ve been with us from the beginning, you might be wondering what happened to Iowa Fashion Project.


Iowa Fashion Project was created to elevate, grow and connect emerging fashion talent in Iowa and the Midwest. The idea was to create a community of fashion designers, models and other talent across the Midwest to help them develop and grow.

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done in building Iowa’s fashion community.”

Iowa Fashion Project presented the first Flyover Fashion Fest in 2016, which showcased some of the top fashion, design, and creative talent from across the state through a mix of runway shows, musical performances, art exhibits, and workshops and panels.

After the first Flyover Fashion Fest was over, planning for 2017 began almost immediately. As we discussed lineup, themes and topics, one thing became clear: This year’s festival was going to be a little different from the previous year.

The 2017 Flyover Fashion Fest was going to be a fashion experience that everyone could enjoy and take part in. As we worked toward achieving this goal, we were reminded, once again, what a vast imbalance of representation existed in the fashion industry.

We completed planning for 2017 and came to the decision that we could not - and would not - leave things as they were. It was time for us to step up as a company. As the last performance of the festival ended, we regrouped and started work on our new mission: Bringing representation, equity and inclusion to fashion, politics and culture.

With our new mission came a new name. We have worked since May to bring you Flyover, and are very excited to be making our first lineup announcement for Flyover Fest. This year’s theme is “Dream the Future” and will focus on what an inclusive and representative future looks like.


“We will continue to be a platform for artists, one that gives voice and brings together marginalized communities. The future of fashion is one that is inclusive and representative.”

Flyover was born from the need for more representation in the world of fashion, politics and culture. It’s more than just a festival or a company - it’s a movement. We hope you’ll join us.