Flyover is an event and content platform created to amplify the stories of underrepresented and marginalized groups in fashion, politics, and culture. We support the “radical” idea that any barriers between self worth, self love, and empowerment should be torn down.

Since its inception, Flyover has worked to promote inclusivity, representation, self love, and empowerment in the fashion industry and beyond. Flyover looks forward to continuing this mission and connecting with anyone that feels like we do: that everybody deserves to see themselves represented positively and affirmatively in our culture.

Flyover began as Iowa Fashion Project (IFP) in 2015 as a platform to amplify fashion and connect designers throughout the state of Iowa. In 2016 IFP produced the first Flyover Fashion Fest in downtown Iowa City, which featured local designers and models.

In 2017, IFP evolved into an even more ambitious effort called Flyover, an event and content platform aiming to make fashion and culture more inclusive and representative. The fashion industry has historically underrepresented, marginalized and at times excluded too many people. The same can be said for culture writ large as well. We created Flyover to be a platform to amplify the stories and voices of those that have been left out. No longer.